About Us


I am not what happened to me. Learning to believe "I am not what happened to me" was, and still is, a process. This process has taken me from living a life filled with anger, resentment and fear to living a life of love, abundance and compassion. This process took a while, mainly because I fought and resisted. Eventually, I softened, I became present to the price I was paying to hold on the past. I learned how to transform my limiting beliefs and my fears of the unknown into a compassionate discovery of what is possible when I simply pause and allow life to surprise and delight me.

Based on my own healing from breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse I am proud to share my experiences with you. As a yoga teacher, blogger and speaker, my passion is supporting you in navigating your own path of healing from any life transition you have experienced.

Let It Go Workshop

The "IT" that I had to let go of was childhood abuse, alcoholic parents, a broken family and breast cancer in my adult life. I literally felt stuck, I couldn’t let go of the anger and resentment I was feeling towards my parents, abusers and cancer.

After many years of talk therapy with little results, I discovered yoga which introduced me to the mind body connection and things started changing. As I explored the mind body connection, I found that I was better able to identify and release limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I let go to toxic relationships and starting getting in touch with what “living a life I love” looks like to me.

I’d like to invite you to participate with me and a small group of like-minded people to help you discover how to make a deeper connection between your mind and body such that you can identify and release limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living a life you love. I have presented the Let It Go workshop in NJ, NY and Ca, and as a webinar and 6 week seminar.

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Yoga Teacher

The intention of rehabilitating my body at the end of cancer treatment brought me to yoga. My yoga practice brought about an unexpected result; a peaceful mind. I learned how to quiet my internal conversation which freed me up to further heal my body, mind and soul from both breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse. I still have painful memories, but they no longer have me. Through the Newark Yoga Movement, I teach in the school system and communities in Newark, NJ. I'm also a board member for the NYM. I teach trauma-informed yoga at drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers.